KidStarter gives your children a safe, easy-to-use environment where they can only use programs and websites that you've approved! No more unsafe programs, tempting ads or chatting with strangers. With KidStarter, you are completely in control and know that your kids are safe using the computer.

Once KidStarter is installed, children can use a PC unattended... once they press the power button, KidStarter will launch and all of their favourite, parent-approved content is waiting for them with a single click!

Click here to visit to learn more about KidStarter and download a FREE trial copy.



BoardFeeds is an all-in-one live music recording and distribution solution that makes it easy for bands to record their own live concerts and sell them directly to their fans.

BoardFeeds is both a Windows and Mac application that allows users to record their own live concerts without the need for expensive hardware or technical know-how.

Once a concert is recorded, it is uploaded to our server where bands can sell their concerts directly to fans.

The entire process is risk-free for bands... there are no fees to record and upload shows. We get paid only when bands get paid!

BoardFeeds is expected to launch in Q3 2010.



RubyDox is a comprehensive web application dedicated to providing Ruby on Rails developers with all of the support and information they need.

In one place, developers can search for information on any Ruby function and immediately get the answers they need.

Visit for more information.