Why Brilliant Software?

Well, first of all... we chose the name Brilliant Software in the cheeky British tradition of exclaiming all things clever and well-executed as Brilliant!

That's exactly our goal. To deliver brilliant software products that take new ideas and turn them into software that makes life easier for our users.

Our mission is to create products that our team members are genuinely excited about. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and building yet another similar application that the public doesn't need, we are expanding into new areas that are underserved and find new opportunities to make life simpler for our customers.

Our Products

We currently have three products in development and our first product, KidStarter, has now launched in Beta!

KidStarter is a Windows Desktop Environment that makes any PC safe and easy to use for kids aged 3-8!

We also are hard at work on BoardFeeds, an all-in-one live music recording and distribution site that will allow bands to record their shows and sell them directly to fans.